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Uncover the Power of Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is a highly-absorbable form of magnesium, created by combining magnesium with citric acid.

At MAGSUPPS, we believe in the power of synergistic blends of multiple types of highly bioavailable magnesium for maximum benefits

Browse our range of magnesium supplements below, all featuring magnesium citrate as a key ingredient, and experience the benefits this essential mineral can have on your health.

What Are the Benefits of Magnesium Citrate

magnesium citrate benefits

Magnesium citrate is an excellent choice for those seeking to boost their magnesium levels. Citric acid is known to increase the absorption of minerals like magneisum in the gut, resulting in higher bioavailability compared to other magnesium types.

The higher the bioavailability, the more magnesium your body can use from your supplement, and the greater the benefits.

As per EFSA-approved health claims, magnesium contributes to:

  • Reduction of Tiredness & Fatigue - Magnesium plays a vital role in supporting electrolyte balance and normal energy-yielding metabolism to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Normal Nervous System & Psychological Function: Magnesium supports the normal functioning of the nervous system and promotes healthy psychological function, helping to maintain a balanced and calm state of mind.
  • Normal Muscle Function (Including Heart) - Magnesium is essential for muscle contraction and relaxation, including heart muscle, thus contributing to normal muscle function throughout the body.
  • Maintenance of Bones & Teeth - Magnesium supports the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, ensuring that your skeletal system remains strong and resilient.
  • Protein Synthesis & Cell Division - Magnesium contributes to normal protein synthesis and also has a role in the process of cell division, supporting tissue growth and repair throughout the body.

Thanks to it's high-bioavailability, magnesium citrate is one of the best types of magnesium for general supplementation.


At MAGSUPPS, we make magnesium supplements exactly as they should be:

  • Cleverly formulated combos to maximise benefits
  • Pure, non-buffered magnesium ingredients
  • Effective, high-strength doses
  • Verified quality, potency and purity

All our supplements are manufactured right here in the UK in a state-of-the-art Oxford facility that meets some of the strictest quality and safety standards in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnesium citrate?

Magnesium citrate is a supplement made up of magnesium and citric acid.

Magnesium is one of the 21 essential minerals your body needs for optimal health and is involved in more than 300 processes in the body, many of them critical for survival.

Magnesium is also an electrolyte, or an electrically charged molecule, and helps to power your body’s “electrical circuit”. Your brain, heart, nerves and muscles all depend on this electrical circuit (and magnesium) to function properly, making magnesium one of the most important minerals for overall good health.

Citric acid is an organic acid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes. As we’ll discuss in this article, citric acid is a key part of the process the body uses to create energy, making it critical for the survival of every single cell in your body.

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How much magnesium citrate should I take?

The recommended magnesium dosage and intake changes depending on your age and sex. The table below shows the adequate intake (AI) and recommended dietary allowance (RDA) from the National Institute of Health.

Birth to 6 months30 mg*30 mg*
7–12 months75 mg*75 mg*
1–3 years80 mg80 mg
4–8 years130 mg130 mg
9–13 years240 mg240 mg
14–18 years410 mg360 mg
19–30 years400 mg310 mg
31–50 years420 mg320 mg
51+ years420 mg320 mg

*Adequate Intake (AI)

How does magnesium citrate compare to magnesium glycinate?

While both magnesium citrate and glycinate are easily absorbed, at high-dosages magnesium citrate may cause digestive discomfort in some individuals. Magnesium glycinate, on the other hand, is gentle on the digestive system and known for its calming effects.

How long does it take for magnesium citrate to work?

The time it takes for magnesium citrate to work may vary between individuals. Some users may experience noticeable benefits within a few hours to a few days after taking the supplement.

When should I take magnesium citrate?

It is generally recommended to take magnesium citrate with a meal to enhance absorption. Some users prefer taking it in the morning or afternoon, as it can have a mild laxative effect.